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Global Brands Trust MegaSpace to Create Larger-Than-Life Experiences

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Welcome to the world of infinite possibilities, the world of MegaSpace Metaverse Platform. Witness the era of incredible Web 3.0 innovation, the era of unlimited customization and unparalleled immersion.
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What can you do in the MegaSpace metaverse, as a business?

  • Trainings and L&D
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Fairs, Expos & Trade Shows
  • Events (Conferences, Concerts & Performances)
  • Art Galleries & Product Showcase
  • Product Demos, Launches & Promotions
  • Community Building

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This is THE ERA BEYOND IMAGINATION. Don’t just see it, Live it!

What Can MegaSpace Metaverse Do For You?

Discover a Range of Metaverse Business Applications

Training and L&D

Talent Acquisition & Management


Sales, Marketing & Communities

Real Estate


Industry 4.0

Art Galleries

Virtual Schools

Community Building

MegaSpace: A Journey into Innovation; Metaverse Powered by Generative AI

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Platform Features

Check Out How Can Metaverse Help Businesses

Personalized Landing Page

Beautiful landing pages, totally configurable to entice the attendees and give a glance at the top metaverse initiatives of your business and beyond.

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Custom Arenas and Templates

By drawing guests in with personalized metaverse settings or by letting them pick from templates on a free metaverse virtual land, you can increase your commercial potential in the metaverse.

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Pre-loaded Designs & Themes

We have the ideal themes and designs to build a fantastical setting that will provide an experience that is beyond reality for any type of business or industry, whether it is a metaverse campaign or exhibition.

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1:1 Interaction Lounges

Provide your clients and guests with 3D avatars so they can communicate with you through chat, voice, or facial expressions in elegantly designed networking lounges.

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Private & Public Metaverses

Create a private metaverse for select parties, such as investors, employees, or valued clients, or a public metaverse where anybody can interact with your company.

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Voice-Enabled Interactions

Now that voice chat is integrated into the MegaSpace metaverse, you can engage with others more easily and humanely. Say it, feel it! It's that easy.

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Humanized 3D Avatars

Permit visitors to your company's metaverse to make their own AI-powered 3D avatars. Draw clients with premium avatar skins and additional offerings.

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Generative AI Integration

Maintain your human touch! All the avatars for your guests include human-like expressions like dancing and clapping.

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Convai, ReadyPlayerMe & Inworld.ai Integration

Allow guests to customize their crazy avatars or incorporate pre-made ones into your company's metaverse with Ready Player Me, Convai, and Inworld.ai integrated.

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Industry-leading features to host league-ahead events
Begin your Metaverse Campaign


Reasons to Begin Your Metaverse Campaign

It’s Immersive, engaging, global, convenient and trending, and IT IS THE FUTURE!

Metaverse is a world that stands at the crossroads of the virtual and real world, with the congruence of the best attributes of both. It’s futuristic and aims to deliver each business, a global platform to showcase its products & services at a handful price. Metaverse campaigns are an impressive way to bring in a diverse group of audience for extraordinarily well-curated campaigns for your business from anywhere in the world. The immersive experience that it offers helps you engage, interact & network with other brands from all over the world. The realistic 3D environments that can be created on the Metaverse allow you to build an unparalleled brand impression and acquire hefty sponsors. All these amazing results, reduction in overhead expenses, a larger audience, for a fraction of the price of an in-person brand campaign!

Why Choose MegaSpace

The MegaSpace Metaverse platform enables brands to create a space for themselves at the global level, accessible to the world audience, where their products and services can be showcased and listed in a realistic and immersive 3D environment. It gives access to global companies, governments, businesses, conglomerates, and attendees to connect and interact with the brand through its own virtual universe which can be customized to suit its requirements and to assure fun and exciting experiences for the attendees. Whether you wish to hold a space for yourself at a Metaverse exhibition with hundreds of competitors or look forward to a grand product launch, the MegaSpace metaverse platform, has it all.

3D Virtual Environment

  • Grand, Immersive & realistic environments.
  • Multi-diversity encouragement with a variety of avatars
  • Personalized 3D virtual lobby to greet attendees
  • Simplistic & easy-to-use UI
  • Designed to attract attendees globally
  • `
3D Virtual Environment

A Brand Paradise

  • Host global brands at a globally-scaled metaverse expo
  • Upload brand brochures, videos, and other downloadables
  • Interact with potential clients through audio and video calls
  • Interactive brand elements and products to increase footfall
  • Build booths and banners across the arena to showcase your sponsors
  • `
A Brand Paradise

Multi-faceted Engagement

  • Interactive UI elements to engage attendees with the brand.
  • Downloadable brand peripherals for attendees to take away.
  • Themed activities, games, and challenges for the attendees.
  • Chat rooms, forums, and social media groups to build communities.
  • Unique gestures and audio-video enabled attendee interaction.
  • `
Multi Faceted Engagement

Personalized Networking Platform

  • Multi-way communication to establish powerful attendee-brand networks
  • Sort attendees depending on their characteristics, then connect them
  • Create community of likeminded brands and host collated exhibitions
  • Utilize a meeting scheduler to plan meetings in advance
  • Connect with attendees prior and post event via social media profiles
  • `
Personalized Networking Platform

Analytics & Reports

  • Real-time information on logins, campaign visitors, and interactions, etc.
  • Generate complete event report to get a wholesome idea of the campaign performance
  • Analyse audience preferences to improve event statistics
  • Download the chat logs and transcripts
  • Visualize your event metrics using straightforward analytics charts and graphs.
  • `
Metaverse Marketing Campaign Analytics and Reporting

How it works

Get Your Personalized Metaverse Business Strategy


Claim a FREE virtual space for your business


Customize it to add your branding and content


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Add the created metaverse component to your website and let your visitors explore your business in cool new Web 3 technology.

Why MegaSpace Metaverse

Among the Best Metaverse Platforms for Businesses

No Code Metaverse

We always mean what we say! With the MegaSpace metaverse platform, you may find business opportunities in the metaverse without hiring and paying for a separate technology team.

Multi-Device Support - Mobile, Desktop & VR

Provide the same Metaverse experience to your guests on the gadgets of their choice. Select VR, PC, or smartphone for an unparalleled experience.

FREE Virtual Land for Business

We don't bill you thousands of dollars to own a virtual property because businesses can use the MegaSpace Metaverse Platform for free.

Quick Metaverse Setup - Get ready in Minutes

Time is of the essence when it comes to your business. With the MegaSpace metaverse technology, you may create your own universe in a matter of minutes.

Low-Cost & Enterprise Metaverse Models

We provide bundles that include inexpensive and free subscription options so that every brand can benefit from Web 3.0.

End-to-End Customization

Make your ideas a reality! You have complete control over how to customize and personalize your Metaverse.

#Rated Best Metaverse Platform for Businesses

Now event experiences
can be
Interactive Immersive Innovative Personalised Futuristic

like never before.

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MegaSpace Metaverse
Platform Features

No-Code Metaverse Platform

Create an extraordinary immersive brand experience in the world beyond reality without any technical complexities for yourself or your attendees. A simplified metaverse platform that doesnt need you to code.

Non Complex Metaverse Platform

Customized 3D Avatars

A vast collection of digital avatars curated to amplify your experience on Metverse. Want more personalization? Easily upload photographs and edit their own digital avatars with just one click.

Customized 3D Avatars

Live Interactions

Engage with your attendees and give them an opportunity to express themselves by talking, chatting, jumping, clapping and much more. Make your communication more seamless and organic by hosting events, launching products and engaging with your customers.

Metavese Event Live Interaction

One Metaverse Platform for Everything

Be it a Job fair or a virtual store, a product launch or a large-scale exhibition, organize a training session, or just conduct your daily meetings, MegaSpace metaverse environment is all that you need.

One Metaverse Event Platform for Everything

The VR-enabled World

Experience more than just meets the eye. Hassle-free VR headset integration with simple plug and play process. Enable true immersion with VR headsets and experience the sheer spectacle of virtual reality.

The Virtual Reality Enabled World

Interoperable Metaverse Platform

Using a Mac, or Windows, or maybe an Android? Accessing metaverse experiences from VR headset, web or Android? With our cross-device & cross-platform compatibility, experience uninterrupted virtual grandeur from anywhere, at any time at one-click.

Interoperable Metaverse Platform

Display your NFTS

Protect your creativity by adding a layer of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens). MegaSpace Metaverse Platform allows simple integration with popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and NFTically.

Display your NFTS

Simplified access for your attendees

MegaSpace Metaverse Platform allows Single Sign On with Facebook, MetaMask & Google, making it one-step access for your attendees

Simplified Access your attendees

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Platform Pricing

Get Started Get Started Connect
$100 monthly
OR $85 billed annuall
For brands and agencies
that have custom
Users Up to 20 Up to 500
(10 room instances)
500 & more
Custom Landing page
Unique URL
Branding & Personalized Content
Custom Avatars
Videos Pre-Recorded Pre-Recorded + Live Pre-Recorded + Live
Access Public Public or Private Public or Private
Live Voice & Text Interactions
Breakout rooms for one-on-one Interactions
Platforms Web Web Web/iOS/Android/VR
Preferred Support